Course of life

Yasin Borel de Sousa was born in Salvador da Bahia in the north-east of Brazil. Because his family belongs to the folkloristic cirkle of Salvador, Yasin Borel de Sousa`s musical roots are in the world of Candomblé and Capoeira, which is full of rhythm. His father managed the Bloco Afro "Os Filhos de Ghandi", one of the most famous Afro-folkloristic associations of carnival of Salvador.

When he was 8 years old, Yasin Borel de Sousa already began to study percussion at a private conservatory.

Aged 10, he played percussion at Samba school "Os Ritimistas do Samba" and at other Samba schools of Salvador. Here he learned instruments like Pandeiro, Cuica, Surdo, Snare, Tamborin, Agogó, Repinique etc.

At the age of 16 Yasin Borel de Sousa founded together with other young people the worldfamous association of carnival of Salvador "Olodum". The group has become known because of a scene in one of Michael Jackson`s videoclips, which he produced in cooperation with Olodum. This clip was shot in Pelorinho, the most famous cultural district of Salvador.

Further Yasin Borel de Sousa played percussion in some other Blocos Afro ,such as Timbalada, ILé, Aiyé, Muzena, etc.

After that he played multipercussion in several groups in Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, and Sao Paulo.

In Rio he worked as a percussionist at the Sambaschool Salgueiro and Unidos da Tijuca. There he performed in various shows. With Aroldo Costa`show "brasil canta e danca" he went on tour to Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentine.
Moreover he was engaged at Sargentell`s "Oba-Oba" and at Yvon Curi`s "Sambao e Sinha".

Aged 21 Yasin Borel de Sousa founded the quartet "Rio Tranza Samba". One year later the group was engaged for a tour in Portugal. When the quartet broke up, he continued his musical education in Portugal: He played as a multipercussionist in several African groups and performed in Angola, Mozambique, Guine-Bissau, Cabo Verde and Senegal. Here he improved his musical qualifications: He studied African rhythms and instruments such as Djembé, Sabá, Udu, Talking Drum, Bass Drum etc.

At the age of 25 Frank Waldo engaged him for his bigband and a Brazilian show in Hamburg. This way Yasin Borel de Sousa came to Germany. Today he lives in Munich.

Since then he attended several workshops in Cuba, to study Afrocuban rhythms and instruments like Conga, Bongo, Timbales, Clavés, Bata etc. One of his teachers in Cuba was Tatá Guines.

Besides Brazilian, African and Cuban instruments Yasin Borel de Sousa also plays Tabla (India), Cajón (Peru), Darabuka (Arabia) and classical instruments such as bass drum etc.

For 5 years he has been studying at the famous "Drummers Focus" School in Munich in order to complete his education as a drummer. He also took lessons in voice, guitar and piano.

Moreover Yasin Borel de Sousa is engaged as a multipercussionist in Germany and abroad ( Jazz Festival Montreux, Festivale Latino-Americano Milano, Verona, Jazz Festival in Prague, Southamerican Night in Bordeaux, Latin-American Festival Disneyworld Paris, Jazz Festival Deggendorf with Konrad Niski feat. Barbara Dennerlein etc.) in several groups with various musical trends such as jazz, classical music, Latin jazz, funk, pop, Brazilian music (Bossa Nova, Samba, Pagode, MPB, Chorinho, Axé Music) Cuban/Latin music (Salsa, Son etc.) ethno jazz, disco,rock, reggae, African music etc.

Actually he works as live and studio musician, and he also gives percussion and drumset lessons at the private music schools "Downtown Music Institute" (Augsburg) and "Dachauer Gitarrenzentrum" (Dachau).